1,006 unique Super Fruits

Minted on Solana.

Super Fruit is a collection of pixelated fruits with elements of artwork inspired by the crypto verse minting on SOLANA.

Each fruit is uniqle and gives holders access to future royalties and yields from the Treasury DAO.



Stage 1: Fresh Super Fruits for everyone.

100% of Super Fruits will have been developed in our lab. 10,000 Fruits will be available to mint on 1st on Nov 2021.

Stage 2: HODL for Airdrop

Minting is not the end of our story. Not by a long shot. Holders will get access to Super Fruit Association (SFA) members access to enjoy member-only perks.

— Access to future airdrops

— Recurring SOL raffles

— Voting rights on how the funds are distributed

— Priority for future projects

Stage 3: Fruit Domination

More Fruits. More upside.

— Serum injection for Fruits to convert them into characters for Metaverse.

— Production of Merchandise and Mini Games for our Super Fruits.



Investors and Advisor of multiple crypto projects


Ex Pixel Artist for Pokemon Handheld Games.


The Shadowy Coder that everyone talks abouts

Join the community

Super Fruit Discord is growing fast. If you want to join the #SUPERFRUITGANG it’s here. Join us to get the news as soon as possible and follow our latest announcements.


MINT DATE & TIME: 1 NOV 2021, 3pm (UTC)